Why MediScribe™?

The limits or shortcomings of other CD brands and manufacturing techniques may not be evident during the recording process. Recording a CD is not the true test, especially where the CD is used for medical image exchange. Common flaws of CD-R media lie in their expected lifetime, and in their ability to be read by a wide array of CD readers. MediScribe™ Medical Grade is manufactured to tolerances far more exacting than conventional consumer grade discs.

Advantages of MediScribe™

CCustomize your Media

Brand your Media with your clinic, hospital, or imaging center name. Create a high-quality professional look that you can be proud to distribute to your patients, or referring physicians.

DMC-EZ DICOM CD/DVD Burners and Acc.

The DMC-EZ™ product line is one of the broadest in the industry, combining disc publishing options for all price ranges and customer needs. Whether you burn 20 discs per day or up to 500 discs per day, we have a solution for you.

UUse the best quality media

Safeguard your media with the highest quality available; designed to last, it is an essential choice for archiving important data.

Window Sleeves

Protect your media - Keep your media free from scratches or debri by keeping it protected within a winodw sleeve.