Power Quality Solutions

According to the National Fire Protection Association, "Without an Preventative Maintenance (EPM) Program, management assumes a much greater risk of a serious electrical failure and its consequences. A well-administered program will reduce accidents, save lives, and minimize costly breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns of equipment. Impending troubles can be identified and solutions applied, before they become major problems requiring more expensive, time-consuming solutions."

What does a well-administered program contain?

IInfrared Inspections

Predictive Maintenance & Commissioning of Equipment.
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BBack-up Generators

Stay safe, stay connected, and stay productive, when the power goes out.

Power Quality Surveys & Solutions

Consulting, Grounding and Bonding, Power Disturbance, Transient Mitigation, Harmonic Mitigation

LLightning Mitigation & Surge Protection

UUninterruptible Power Systems

Offering Off-Line, Line-interactive and True On-line Solutions; Battery and DC Power.

EEquipment Monitoring Systems

BBattery, UPS, GW, DC, CRAC, Liquid Detection

PProtection of Network and Telephone Systems

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